On Saturday, May 29th 2017 nine friends and I, from all over the country including Oregon, Wisconsin, Denver, and Georgia came together to crush the pavement of Nashville. The group consisted of alumni swimmers, yes swimmers, not runners, from the University of Wisconsin- Green Bay. Although we had all retired from the sport of swimming some years back, the competitive nature within us still thrived.

Three years back, one person in the group threw out the idea of wanting to run a marathon and only two of us were crazy enough to say “Let’s do it!” After the three of us tackled our first marathon in Portland, Oregon, it was decided that endurance events would be our way to reunite and travel. The Rock n’ Roll half marathon in Nashville, TN was determined to be the next reunion trip and the tiny group of three group expanded into ten.

Personally, I feel the best way to explore a new city is by foot and having the opportunity to embark on that journey with friends, makes it all the better. As runners we sometimes get so consumed in the gratification of running a personal best or holding a certain pace, but running a race without worrying about the clock can be a rewarding experience as well. While running, take the time to enjoy the culture of a new city, listen to the local bands, take in the sites of the different neighborhoods, and read the handmade signs while giving supporters high fives. Enjoy the opportunity to laugh, converse, and share in the experience with your friends. I love the way we have chosen to reunite and wouldn’t change it anyway! I’m looking forward to the next reunion and the endurance event we chose! Maybe next time, it will be an ultra 🙂

Time lapse of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon

~Allie Thut

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