I love socks… don’t you?

I always say “All you need is a good pair of running shoes (fit for you) and a good pair of socks.” The best investment you can make is these two key items for your feet. Everything else is a great benefit to have for your workout, but you can survive without all the other bells and whistles.

Socks can make or break your experience from everything to a 5k race to a long marathon training run. Have you been in a situation where your socks have failed you? I know I have.

I have many socks from the various brands we have carried over the years and even a few from vendors we don’t carry (shhhh).

Here are a couple of things about running socks:

  • Stay away from cotton
  • Many have an anti-microbial spray that attaches to the fibers of the sock. Its purpose is so your socks don’t smell (as bad).
  • Wool socks and other natural fabrics have anti-bacterial properties already made up in their fibers.
  • Many socks are designed for a women’s foot or man’s foot – YES they are different (size, shape, sweat patterns, etc.)
  • Many socks are manufactured in South Carolina (USA)

And finally, you get what you pay for.

Did you know?

Socks can actually wear out and not function correctly as they age?

After approximately 21 washes, the anti-bacterial spray will be gone. Some higher end socks can last up to approximately 52 washes.

My recommendation for new socks are this; anything that is older than 3 years just throw out, unless it is a wool or Mizuno Breath Thermal sock.

If you run four days a week and wash your socks once a week you will only need to get four new high-quality socks every year.  The fun thing is we have a Daily Deal in the shop that with purchase of shoes you have the opportunity to buy three pairs of socks and get one pair free.

Is your braining spinning like a load of socks in the dryer yet?

Get ready for an exciting week (October 7th – 13th)! We are going to walk through SIX brands of socks we carry, what makes them uniquely special, and hopefully help you discover the perfect sock for you.

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What is your favorite sock brand and why?


Sock Week

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