As we all know the Fall Marathon season is upon us. After weeks of training all your hard work is going to be tested. Don’t let the taper be an invitation to let everything go. There is still work to be done! Not so much physically (the hay is in the barn) but mentally. You have to be mentally sharp leading up to race day and the start line. The list below are 10 things we feel are important to think about in the final weeks of marathon. Take a look, are you prepared?


Ten Things to prepare for the last weeks leading up to your Marathon.

  1. Don’t try anything new race day, believe in your training!
  2. Be prepared for any type of weather conditions; bring clothes to cover all bases!
  3. Eat a good, but not too heavy breakfast. You’ll want those calories later!
  4. Eat a good supper the night before. Carb up, and eat early enough to allow for it to digest.
  5. Be sure to get plenty of sleep up to two nights before. Don’t worry if you don’t sleep much the night before, it’s normal!
  6. Drink enough water during the week and make sure to take water at the water stops. Don’t forget about your electrolytes.
  7. The night before lay out your running gear and what you plan to eat for breakfast, making sure everything is in order. You’ll have more than enough on your mind than to be stressing over where you placed your favorite socks.
  8. Don’t overdo it! Use a taper that works for you! Also, don’t start running your normal mileage right after the marathon. Please be kind to your body and let it recover.
  9. If you bought new shoes and haven’t tried them or allowed for appropriate break in period don’t use them the first time on race day, trust us!
  10. Enjoy the marathon, expo, and the company of other runners, this is a great experience and accomplishment, take it all in!

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