15 Years.

2019 marks the 15th year of Run Away Shoes.

I know, it is kind of crazy. Where did the time go!?

This year we, we are looking to share information on a few different levels over here:

How The Community Runs.

You will hear personal notes from many of the Northeast Wisconsin running leaders and the behind-the-scenes people that work, create, motivate, and change how our community runs. See what I did there… a little pun (-: . As a person who is involved in so many different areas of Northeast Wisconsin and on many levels; shoe guy, race director, shoe store owner, race participate, sideline supporter, sponsor, and friend of silent sports, I have the privilege to meet, support, encourage, promote, and enjoy the Northeast Wisconsin, and greater world running culture from a different perspective than most.  I would like to share my stories and connect you with how Run Away Shoes has been involved and evolved into the small business it is today.

The Story of Us.

The story of us; this is Mercury’s Flight, Run Away Shoes, Run Away Events, and Run Away Impressions and how we are what we are today.  I know… I am really creative in the names 😛 But I promise you this: honesty, integrity, and humility.  I will share my philosophies, failures, and ways we have made Run Away to where it is today.

We are looking forward to interacting with you as we share these stores throughout the year.


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