Well, it has been a busy 2022.

We kicked off the year with our annual VIP Night event and added two new events to our race directing calendar: the Seroogy’s Valentine Run and Oshkosh Half Marathon followed by the two more new events to us this summer: the Appleton Kids Runs and Packers 5k.

Personally, it has been an extra challenging season. This Spring, I had a fusion of 3 neck vertebra (5,6,7) which means no running for 10 months (or anything for 4 months), and my mother passed away (who was always the best supporter, idea listener, and patience provider).

But today is a special day for me.

Today is Run Away Shoes (Movin’ Shoes Fox Valley) 18th year (I can vote!). We have grown a bit since then: 3 storefronts and an online store, events company, and also providing custom apparel and timing service. Whatever it is that we are doing, we are always working hard to do our best for our clients. 

A flashback to the first days…

Today & looking ahead…


Our current philosophies are keep it simple, be prepared, be consistent, be connected, and have fun.

One of the hardest things about being in business for 18 years is to remember who you are and to (let’s be honest) stay in business during one of the most turbulent times in American history.

We at Run Away have always strive to be the best and sometimes we stumble upon ourselves. I promise we are not perfect, but we truly work to be a resource for you and to help everyone because Everyone Needs Good Shoes for Life. So whether it is running, walking, or standing on cement we have the best designed shoes for you.

We are excited about where we came from and also where we are headed. Stay tuned for big news and come check our special events coming up.

Cheers to 18 years and many more to come.


My wife and kids at the 2022 Packers 5k

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