2022 is a blank slate and a place to continue or restart your legacy.  What are some things you wanted to accomplish?  Are there areas to improve or that need adjustments? 
Over the past couple of years I do not know many people who have not taken the time to re-evaluate. Personally, I have gone through some trying times of overwhelming stress and health issues that I didn’t feel like I had control over and have looked at what is important in my life and made that a priority.  I wanted to love my life again.  I have always had a passion for health and fitness and sharing it with others.  My best decompression time, greatest thinking and social time was when I was out for a run or during a workout.  I could get lost in the midst of a great run out on the trails and laugh with my friends while getting healthy. I’m in the process of getting that back. It started with little walks and coffee chats with friends and family. My husband guided me to do what was best for me and purge what added stress. Just before 2022 I started to feel a little more like myself again. I left a job that was causing me much added stress and was not the right fit for me and started a new career where my passion for health and fitness could be part of my everyday life. I am currently working on a healthier eating lifestyle as well as movement (especially running) to incorporate into my normal routine. I put up a bulletin board in my workout area to display some photos of races, family, friends and good times to have something to glance at when I am feeling like it is too tough and want to give up. What the photos represent is my reason why and I love having that reminder right in my face! Ok, I am going to get a bit vulnerable and tell you that I have gained a good 25 pounds, have lost speed and distance on my running, and have lost any flexibility that I once had. I’m hoping to check in with you monthly to let you know how the journey is going.  My goal for 2022 is to be happy, put the positives first and last, lose a bit of my fluffiness and get back on the trails! (The photo of my running in the field was a race that has left an impression on me for a lifetime, Wedel 50. This race has not come back since 2019.) I am very much looking forward to the first fun relay event I’m signed up for this year, Run Away To The Bay, on April 23!
Cheers to the year of renewal, 2022! What are your goals and how can we help you get to them?
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