4 Reasons Why YOU Should Rotate Running Shoes!

Whether you’re a daily walker, an elite speed demon, or are somewhere in-between, rotating shoes provides great benefits not only for performance, but for your own comfort and health as well. Having specific shoes for different running occasions allows you to enjoy your run to the fullest. Here are 4 great tips on why rotating shoes will make running the best part of your day!

1)     Rotate Shoes to Prevent Injuries: A sports-science medical study actually showed that runners who rotated through 2 or more different pairs of shoes throughout the duration of the twenty two week study had a “39% lower risk of running injury than those who almost always ran in the same shoes”. (View the article here) By rotating from model to model, you are allowing your strike pattern to change just enough to allow your body not to overstress the same muscles and joints. When running in the same model over and over, your feet get used to the same feel. With over 200 different ligaments in the foot, rotating through different pairs can allow them to be stretched and be engaged in different ways. Plus, getting a second pair of shoes is less expensive and more fun than visiting a doctor!


2)     Rotate Shoes to Recover: The day after a hard run, your body has a more difficult time handling the forces generated during impact, as evidenced by soreness. Rotating to a pair of shoes with more cushioning will allow your body to recover and relax. Much like the body needs time to recover and respond after long or difficult runs, your shoes do as well! The outsole of a shoe is made of high-density foam,  which compresses after long periods of stress and pounding. It actually takes about 24 hours for the foam of a running shoe to fully decompress after either running or walking in them. By allowing them to decompress fully, you allow the shoes to provide the cushioning and support that you originally had out of the box. Additionally, by not running in them over consecutive days and allowing them to respond, you will consequently extend their shelf life as well.


3)     Rotate Shoes to Get More from Your Run: No matter what type of run you’re doing on a given day, utilizing the right shoes for the right run allows you to have the best experience you can. A golfer would never play 18 holes with just a putter. Golfers have a bag full of clubs, each having an intended purpose. The same rules apply with running shoes. For example, every-day trainers are just right for putting in steady miles and enjoying each stride out on the road. Lightweight performance-trainers maximize your potential on speed days, as well as race day. Trails shoes on the other hand provide maximum traction and protection over mud, gravel, rock, and other off-road terrain. Whether you are running 1 mile or 100, on the road or through the woods, having a variety of shoes to get you from point A to point B will allow you to get the most from your run each and every time.


4)      Rotate Shoes to Spice Up Your Love For Running: Everybody loves running shoes, and variety is, after all, the spice of life. Having the opportunity to choose your shoe-of-the-day depending on your run, adds excitement and can help to provide motivation for getting out the door. Plus, it gives you great excuse to add more shoes to your collection!



Pictured below: Certified Run Away Shoes Shoe Expert Colin M’s 2014 running shoe collection.

Capture SG

From left to right, top row: Brooks Glycerin, Asics Gel-Nimbus, Adidas Energy Boost, and Saucony Triumph (all great for use for everyday training runs), Saucony Type A6, (light stable racing flats). Bottom row: Brooks Cascadia (excellent rugged outsole for fast times while traversing off-road surfaces), Saucony Kinvara (lightweight, yet cushioned trainer for workouts or long races), Newton Gravity (great for a variety of distances on the road), Saucony Endorphin LD (excellent, lightweight track spike), Hoka One One Stinson Tarmac (nearly unsurpassed cushion for the long haul).

Originally Published: July 27, 2014

Updated: September 12, 2017


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