Involvement in sports and other extracurricular activities is full of many benefits for the participant. As a parent of a student-athlete, we believe that there are benefits for you, too! If you are a Cross Country parent, there are 4 things we believe you will gain by the end of the season:

  1. Fitness

Your student athlete is not the only one who will be needing a quality pair of running shoes this season! Make sure you pick yourself up a pair, too. Put away your bleacher seat and stash away your fold up chair. Expect to put a bit of a sweat on moving from spot to spot on the course to cheer on your athlete!

  1. Map Reading Skills

Unlike other sports where the field or court look the same each competition, cross country will have a different course each “meet” for the runners to follow over the 5k (high school) distance. The meets may be held at golf courses, open fields, parks, etc. These courses are usually depicted on hand drawn maps.

If you find that map reading is not your gift, just float along in the sea of veteran cross country parents headed to the next best spectator point on the course!

  1. Resilience

Cross country welcomes in the Fall season. We know that Fall in Wisconsin means it is inevitable that you will spectate in (and your athlete will compete in) ALL of the elements throughout the season. Be ready with your umbrella, winter jacket, sunscreen, and hand warmers.

  1. Pride

Gutting out 3.1 miles over varying terrain in a variety of conditions is not an easy feat. We anticipate that seeing your athlete give it everything they’ve got throughout the course and down the finishing stretch will leave you feeling quite proud!  🙂


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