Well this blog is 8 months in the making it is going to be the best blog ever…

Just Kidding. I have really no excuse other than I was afraid.

I have been in front of many people, and I really enjoy being on the spot. But words are not forgotten and are always able to be re-read or re-posted. So now that my fear of not living up to my words is out, why not keep going.

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Getting Back on Track (3/8/16)

Over the past year I have gradually learned more about how I have changed from a younger man, and how getting into shape as a younger man is different than how an older, wiser, and a lot older runner, rugby, father, husband, and heavier man gets in shape.

Door County

Thank you Door County, ice age trail and hemlock loop for a fun run!

Here are 7 things I’ve discovered:

  1. Consistency is KEY!
  2. A friend to work out with helps
  3. Hurts more
  4. Tight hip flexors kill me (Thank you for all of your help with this Christine Wolf of Restore U Solutions)
  5. Need more time for recovery
  6. Falling off the wagon is easier than staying on it
  7. Challenges keep me going (like the 22 day push-up challenge)

Push Up Challenge

I actually have started writing many blogs but never finished them. They will be posted in their hesitated state.  But I have many more planned.

Stay tuned for my 20 day challenge…


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