It’s really quite simple:

Anything But Cotton!

What are the 5 biggest benefits of a non-cotton running sock?

1. Moisture Transfer

The non-cotton materials transfer moisture away from the skin, and helps to effectively evaporate sweat faster. What does excess moisture do? It contributes to blister formation and is involved in point #2:

2. Temperature Regulation

Since the moisture is managed so well is a non-cotton sock, it keeps the temperature of your feet regulated. Feeling cool in warm environments and warmer in cooler environments for comfort throughout your run!

3. Seamless

Most styles boast seamless stitching and an anatomical fit – giving the socks at quality, irritation free fit!

4. Cushioning

Do you like a plush feel when you run? Several styles come with cushioning in the heel and toe to give you some extreme comfort that makes putting these socks on a treat. Are you  looking for something more light weight? We’ve got you covered!

5. Security

The arch wrap feature ensures that your socks wont bunch up or slip down. Reduces friction, increases comfort!
These socks are guaranteed to make a HUGE difference in your running endeavors- stop in to one of our three locations and let us help you find your perfect pair!
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