Our Process of Getting You Into Your Best Fit

“We are problem solvers passionate about finding solutions for your footwear needs!”

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Our Vision

Our Vision as Your Neighborhood Shoe Shop is to be the leading shoe fitters in Green Bay and the Fox Cities. We provide a friendly environment and superior customer assistance. Our staff has expert product knowledge across all of our running and walking shoes, apparel, accessories and more! Run Away Shoes staff are problem solvers passionate about finding solutions for your footwear needs!


Our Goal

Our Goal at Run Away Shoes is to help runners, walkers, and all active individuals of diverse abilities and skill levels enjoy the incredible benefits of an active lifestyle. This starts at the foundation – a great pair of shoes!

We also have a passion to help people who are managing pain that have been limiting their active lifestyle. The right pair of shoes, with the cushioning and support provided by running and walking shoes, can help give a proper foundation in the healing process.

Our Team

Every employee at Run Away Shoes has a passion for wellness and customer assistance. We have a combined over 50 years of shoe selling experience!

The Fit Process

Getting You Into The Best Running and Walking Shoes for You.

Having the right fit running and walking shoes matters. The Fit Process begins with a conversation. Our Professional Shoe Fitters start by asking you about several factors that may influence your shoe choice such as what activity do you plan to use these shoes for, the experience you have had with shoes you have been wearing, we look at the wear patterns of shoes you may bring in, and talk about any physical pain you have been experiencing when you are active.

Next, we take you through a gait analysis. This means we will have you take off your shoes and roll up your pant legs so we can get a good look at how your feet and ankles work together. Yes, you heard right, we want to see your feet!

We will have you walk across the store and back taking note of your arch height, ankle position, and how they work together as you walk. This process will show us what shoes will work best for you.

You do not need an appointment for a walk-in shoe fitting during store hours. 

Private Fittings

If you’d like to book a private, in-store fitting between 10am and 11am, please contact the store you’d like to be fitted at to schedule an appointment.


“Why don’t you use a treadmill?”

This is a question we are often asked. Several specialty running shoe stores choose to perform a gait analysis on a treadmill. Here are a few reasons why we don’t keep a treadmill in our shops:

We want to be able to see your feet, arches and ankles and we are not about to ask you to run barefoot on a treadmill since it is probably not an activity you find yourself doing regularly!

By having you walk, we are slowing the gait cycle down to see the movement between your arches and ankles. We also like to see you walk at different angles, and ask you to stop along the way and stand on one foot, or squat.

“But isn’t there a difference between a walking and running gait cycle?”

Yes, there are some differences for how your feet land when you are running vs. walking, but what we find when we see how your arches and ankles are working together when you are walking are still going to matter when you are running.

We also realize several individuals who are coming into our shop are NOT looking for a shoe to RUN in!

Next, we will bring out shoes that are best suited to your needs. While trying the shoes on and discussing them with us, we check that the shoes are fitting the individual correctly and urge our customers to take them for a test run or walk outside, or try a few moves that you would try in the gym.

After narrowing the shoes down, we hope to find a shoe that you cannot live without.

If you have any questions about our fit process, please do not hesitate to give us a call or stop in!

Our Guarantee

After the fit process is complete, when you are confident in a pair of shoes that you have selected, we recommend every customer try the shoes out at home and be sure they are the correct shoes for them. We understand that a new pair of shoes may feel different once you take them home.

We try to avoid this “different” as a bad sensation in our efforts working with you the first time you visit the store. However, we understand that you do not know how a shoe will work until you do your activity in them.

We want you to be happy with your shoes!

First of all,  it is already hard enough to get out the door for a workout. We do not want your shoes to contribute to you dragging your feet (pun intended!). Our guarantee is that if you are not happy with your shoes; bring them back to the store within 30 days of purchase. We will take from the experience that you had with the initial pair and work with you to find a different pair of shoes.

We invite you to come in for a personal fit experience today! Just stop in, or contact us if you have any questions you would like answered first.


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