Accessories at Run Away Shoes

We carry the most trusted brands of accessories for runners and active individuals at Run Away Shoes. The companies boast the most innovated materials and designs in each of the products they product – all designed to meet a specific need for the customer.

Several Accessory Brands We Carry

Types of Accessories We Carry

As in the name, running accessories are in abundance in our shop! However, if you do not consider yourself a runner, do not let that keep you from stopping in! We carry a variety of accessories that a meet the needs of many people.

Are you experiencing any lower back, knee, hip or foot pain?

We carry othotics that fit great into everyday footwear and work boots. You will also find several different types of supports and braces, as well as massage tools such as foam rollers, The Stick, and Foot Rubz.

I want to know my pace when I run.

A Garmin GPS Watch may be just what you’re looking for. Check out our Demo Program to try it out before you buy.

I chafe when I work out!

Anti-Chafe products such as Run Guard, Body Glide and Nip Guards got you covered!

Phew! My workout clothes STINK!

2Toms and Nathan Sport Wash detergents are available at our shop and are designed to specifically to work with athletic materials.

I need hydration on the go!

We carry a wide selection of handheld and belt hydration tools to keep you fueled on the go!

How can I stay safe when I’m running at night?

Reflective vests, blinking lights and more!

And More…

We also carry stickers, magnets, headbands, shoe laces, sunglasses, and personal item belts!

Stop in and check out our wide variety of accessories!

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