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[nivoslider id=”1952″] We carry the most trusted brands of apparel in the running and fitness industry at Run Away Shoes. the companies boast the most innovative materials and designs in each of the pieces they create. Each detail is crafted with a purpose to help you move forward in achieving your fitness goals.

Apparel Brands We Carry

Asics |  Brooks |  Craft |  Mizuno |  Moving Comfort |  New Balance |  Nike |  Saucony |  SheFit |  Smartwool
Running and Fitness Apparel Brands

Styles You Will Find Here

As in the name, running apparel takes up most of our wall! However, if you do not consider yourself a runner, do not let that keep you from stopping in! Our pieces are appropriate for at the gym, walking the dog, and many other activities. They are also stylish and comfortable enough you’ll find yourself wearing as everyday wear!

We carry key active wear pieces that keep you covered head to toe such as short and long sleeve shirts, shorts, sports bras, mid-layers, jackets, tights and pants.

In the summer, we focus on bringing in pieces that move moisture away from your skin to keep you feeling cool while on the move.

In the winter, these moisture managing properties are also a key feature in our winter apparel. They move moisture away from your skin to keep you feeling warm and dry. Much of the apparel also has key areas of reflectivity built in to stay safe during the shorter days. You’ll also find many pieces with wind blocking properties.

Stop in and let us help you pick out pieces that fit your active lifestyle!

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