Clif Bar & Company

Company Headquarters: Emeryville, CA

What sets Clif Bar & Company apart?

  • A supporter of Special Olympics and Closing the Pay Gap for Women’s Soccer
  • Clif Bar’s Organic Commitment
    • 1 billion bounds of organic ingredients crafted into their food since 2003
    • 76% of all ingredients purchased in 2018 were organic
    • #1 private funder of organic research in the U.S.

Highlights you don’t want to miss:

  • From bars to gels to gummies to drink mixes, they carry lots of variety for all your active fuel needs. Since we carry the Bloks in our shops, we are going to focus on those.
  • 3 Bloks flavors include caffeine
  • 11 different flavor options! Including non-fruity flavors like Spearmint and Ginger Ale
  • The packaging is easy to access and take out just what you need to keep going
  • Gluten Sensitive Individuals: They cannot guarantee trace amounts of gluten will never show up.

What our Staff Nutritionist* Says:

From bars to gels to gummies, they carry lots of variety for all your active fuel needs. We carry their gels & bloks in our shops.

CLIF BLOKS: half a pack of Clif Bloks provides you with enough energy to last 45 minutes.  The bloks make it easy to eat carbs consistently throughout your run instead of having to take a full serving all at once.  This may help prevent gut rot and a more steady flow of energy to prevent ‘hitting the wall’.  Some flavors also have caffeine to help you stay focused and use energy as efficiently as possible.

While Clif Bloks provide an awesome source of carbs in a tasty gummy, they do not provide a substantial amount of electrolytes, which is something you may want to take into consideration before hitting the roads for your next long run.

It’s important to remember all components of proper fueling. Pair Clif Bloks with your favorite electrolyte drink – like CLIF Hydration Electrolyte Drink Mix

What our Staff Say:

“I used shot blocks for training and running Big Sur… I love that I can break down my calorie/energy intake into such small bites… I also love that there are options with and without caffeine!” – Chris B.

Social: @clifbar

Hashtags: #makeitgood

*Emily Bauman, MS, RD, CD went to undergrad at UW-Stout for dietetics where she also ran track and cross country.  For grad school and dietetic internship, she went to West Virginia University where she held a graduate assistantship (GA) in which she was responsible for helping build the sports nutrition undergrad curriculum alongside the undergrad program director and WVU’s sports dietitian.  This is also where she first started working at a running store, too (Morgantown Running)

Currently, she works at Bellin Health as an inpatient dietitian as well as an outpatient dietitian at the Marinette clinic where she does a wide variety of nutrition counseling and diabetic education.

She enjoys running, swimming, and biking as her main activities, but will also pull out her rollerblades, kayak or stand-up paddleboard occasionally to change it up.

When she is on a long bike ride, she likes to fuel up with GU, Huma, Skratch and alternate with water along the way.

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