Dear Santa,

I think I speak on behalf of the “Runner” population when I say that we have all been pretty good this year.  To find any of our names on the naughty list this year would be nothing short of a Christmas miracle.  We feel that our hard work and dedication should not go unnoticed, and we just have a few things on our list this year. Hopefully you, being the jolly red man you are, will feel it in your heart to make these wishes come true.

Our first wish is a wish of warmth. Whether it’s a new hat, or a fancy new pair of running gloves, the gift of warmth is one that we wish for constantly in Northeast Wisconsin. I mean, who really expects us to run with these low temperatures? Perhaps with the proper cold-weather gear, we will find the motivation to get out there and run more often.

Our second wish is a simple one: more running socks. It seems that the more running socks we buy, the more we lose.. Whether it’s the dryer, or the dog, our socks are disappearing- and we need reinforcements. We are sick of scrapping together odd-ball socks before a long run, and we demand Christmas justice.  We all know that Santa Claus has the best Smartwool connection in the business, so let’s make this one happen.

Our third and final wish is a wish for a healthy and injury-free 2015. Injuries have been the one down-fall for many of us in our training. An injury can leave you sidelined after months of hard work or can prevent that hard work from getting started in the first place. Regardless, we hope to be granted with the peace-of-mind to know our bodies, and to maintain them accordingly in our upcoming training year. Give us the spare time to stretch, and the knowledge to know when to slow down the training.  A nice new foam-roller under the tree wouldn’t me a bad touch either.

Your Favorite Running Store,

Run Away Shoes

Here is to a warm, sock-filled, injury-free 2015. From everybody at Run Away Shoes, Happy Holidays…and keep running.

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