CEP Compression Company Overview

Company Headquarters: Whitsett, North Carolina

Manufactured: Bayreuth. Germany, at the Medi World Headquarters

MEDI is CEP’s parent company, which is the world’s largest medical compression company. Most any person who has been prescribed compression by a doctor or PT has used Medi compression.  As compression deals with our body’s circulatory system, it’s important to have confidence that the people building the product know what they’re doing

3 words or phrases that come to mind: Compression, Injury Prevention, and Recovery

What makes them unique: 

Simply put, CEP makes you feel better.

  • Runners can run longer/faster, recover quicker, and avoid injuries (especially shin splints).
  • People who work on their feet feel better at the end of the day, and their feet/legs don’t swell up (the Recovery Sock is the ideal product for these folks – such as nurses, retail store workers, factory workers, etc).
  • Travelers who sit for a long time (such as on a long flight or drive) can avoid the dangerous DVT condition, and feel good when they arrive at their destination – without swelled feel/legs.
  • CEP’s compression is unique, in that we use progressive medical grade compression. More compression in the lower leg, gradually decreasing as you go up the leg – this improves circulation whilst helping stabilize the lower leg muscles.

Highlights you don’t want to miss:

  • You get what you pay for in this category. No other brands in the run specialty space currently use medical grade progressive compression.  We also stand behind our product like no other – if a customer ever has an issue with a CEP product, give them the benefit of the doubt and replace it for them.  Officially, we warranty our product for 180 wash/dry cycles.
  • Through October 31, 2018: Buy 2, Get 1 Free!

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