Welcome to the new employee portal

Here you will find important announcements, new product updates, sales tips, and anything else your managers would like you to know. Please take the time to read through as there will be a very short quiz before your schedule can be reached. This page will  be updated regularly. 

Upcoming Events

We are in a season of 2-3 pub runs happening a month between the stores. If you are not covering the store, consider coming to the run. It is a great way to get to build a relationship with our customers.

The RUNDAS 5k is coming up in less than 2 months. Please promote this to customers. You can find all the details by going to the events tab and clicking on the Rundas image.

Sales Focus

Please continue to be intentional about introducing other products to secure add-on sales. For example: insoles, socks, and other accessories that would be appropriate for your customer based on what you are learning about them as you work with them.


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