Who You’ll Meet At Our Shops

Ross McDowell, Owner

“Thank you for shopping at your neighborhood shoe shop and continuing to help keep our expertise around for your personal running needs.”

Favorite Shoe:  Personally, the Saucony Kinvara, Saucony Freedom, and Brooks Launch. Just because they are my favorite, does not mean they are the best ones out there for you. I really care about helping a client run better and more comfortably in the right shoe. Shoes change so much each year with technology improvements.
Favorite Running Accessory: Wind protected glove. The wind speed always plays a factor in how comfortable you are in your run. This gives you flexibility in many conditions. My best advice when it comes to accessories and apparel: You get what you pay for. If you purchase quality, it will work for many years. I have some tees, jackets and pants I’ve had for 4 to 10 years and they still functionally work better than any $10 piece of apparel
What Got You Into Running?  My dad was a runner and it felt right for me when I was in middle school.  I had a rough few years, like many do in middle school, but running helped give me a purpose and kept me out of true trouble.
Favorite Place to Run: High Cliff State Park
Favorite Race: Door County Half Marathon weekend experience, Madison Twilight 10k. I’m also very passionate about creating the highest quality event. Key things to me are: a high quality tech or cotton tee, sweet medal, and a sound race distance that is safe.

Appleton Employees

Tim Perry, Store Manager

Favorite Shoe:  New Balance Zante, New Balance MT10, Saucony Kinvara
Favorite Running Accessory: My Buff
What Got You Into Running? I lost a bet to my wife… And my father in-law
Best Running Moment: having my wife and kids chase me in at the finish line of the Bret Younger 10k. They got a finish line photo not me.
Favorite Place to Run: The Newberry Trail and along the river in Appleton. And Trails any trails.
Favorite Race: Freaky 5k In Appleton

Chris Bouressa

Favorite Shoe:  New Balance 1080
Favorite Running Accessory: Running hat in summer neck gaiter in winter
What Got You Into Running? My older brother ran Cross Country and Track in HS so I did too
Best running moment:
Marathon PR at IMWI
Favorite Place to Run: Kaukauna Environmental Center
Favorite Race: Run Away to the Bay

 Mike Heidke

Favorite Shoe: Brooks Ravenna
Favorite Running Accessory: GPS Watch
What Got You Into Running? I was bad at other sports in High School
Best Running Moment: Running a sub-2:30 at the Boston Marathon
Favorite Place to Run:  Wiouwash Trail
Favorite Race: Santa Scamper

Mike Heling

Favorite Shoe: Saucony Triumph
Favorite Running Accessory: Saucony Ulti-Mitt
What Got You Into Running? I wanted to do a sport in high school
Best Running Moment: Winning the Fox Cities Marathon
Favorite Place to Run: Everywhere has something to offer
Favorite Race: Boston Marathon

Erin Hurst

Favorite Shoe:  Brooks Ghost
Favorite Running Accessory:  Garmin & Fanny Pack
What Got You Into Running?   High School Cross Country
Best Running Moment:  The food after the race
Favorite Place to Run:  Trails
Favorite Race: Cactus Classic 10k

Michele Kostelecky

Favorite Shoe:  Saucony Brand
Favorite Running Accessory: TomTom Runner watch
What Got You Into Running? I was challenged to run a 10k
Best Running Moment: Crossing the finish line of any race
Favorite Place to Run: High Cliff
Favorite Race: Houdini 10k

Rhea Kratzer

Favorite Shoe:  Clifton
Favorite Running Accessory: Spibelt
What Got You Into Running? It has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember
Best Running Moment: First Ironman Finish
Favorite Place to Run: California
Favorite Race: Disney Princess Half

Madelyn Laundrie

Favorite Shoe:  Mizuno Wave Rider
Favorite Running Accessory: Tank tops
What Got You Into Running? My dad
Best Running Moment: Running a PR in the two mile in high school track and running my first 10k in college track
Favorite Place to Run: Around Kimberly and up north
Favorite Race: The Bellin 10k

Tom McHugh

Favorite Shoe:  Saucony and Hoka
Favorite Running Accessory:  GPS Watch
What Got You Into Running?  Health & Fitness
Best Running Moment:  Back in ’83 when I broke 40 mins in the 10k for the first time at Bellin
Favorite Place to Run: Off road
Favorite Race: Run the Keweenay trail running festival

Charlie Scott

Favorite Shoe:  Mizuno Inspire
Favorite Running Accessory:  Feetures socks
What Got You Into Running?  Running road races  as a kid
Best Running Moment:  Running sub 2:00 in the 800m for the first time
Favorite Place to Run: High Cliff
Favorite Race: Santa Scamper

Green Bay Employees

Nate Christensen, Store Manager

Favorite Shoe:  Wave Inspire
Favorite Running Accessory:  Breath Thermal Gloves / Craft Windproof hat
Best Running Moment:  Run Away to the Bay in 2016 on the “Run Away” Team, and anytime running with the Run Away Shoes gang at the Cellcom Marathon Relay
Favorite Place to Run: Minneapolis Trails
Favorite Race: Minneapolis Medtronic Marathon

Scott Andrews

Favorite Shoe:  Saucony Kinvara
Favorite Running Accessory:  Garmin 610 Watch
What Got You Into Running?  Uncle and dad got me into ultra running
Best Running Moment:  Completing my first 100 mile race at the Kettle 100 in 2004
Favorite Place to Run: The Green Circle Trail in Steven’s Point, WI
Favorite Race: Fall 50

Emily Bauman

Favorite Shoe:  Brooks Launch/Adidas Energy Boost
Favorite Running Accessory:  Headband
What Got You Into Running?  My dad and the girls on my cross country team
Best Running Moment:  Breaking the 4X800m relay record at UW-Stout
Favorite Place to Run: Menominee, WI
Favorite Race: High Cliff Triathlon

Cory Bins

Favorite Shoe:  Brooks Adrenaline
Favorite Running Accessory:  Wind Briefs
What Got You Into Running?  My dad
Best Running Moment:  Coaching Green Bay East boys cross country team to first sectional title in 25 years
Favorite Place to Run: UW-Green Bay arboretum trails
Favorite Race: Stump Farm Trail Race

Sam Fletcher

Favorite Shoe:  Saucony Ride
Favorite Running Accessory:  Headphones – have to have the music!
What Got You Into Running?   My brother ran track in high school and I followed after him. I’ve been running track since 6th grade.
Best Running Moment:  Indoor track in 2016 at the Titan Invite at UW-Oshkosh I passed 3 people in the last 400m to earn a medal.
Favorite Place to Run:  Kelly Lake, WI. Beautiful, quiet and pristine lake.
Favorite Race: 400m dash on the track or “Conquer the Hill” in Suring, WI

Nicole Hohn

Favorite Shoe:  Nike Pegasus
Favorite Running Accessory:  Watch
What Got You Into Running?   I never knew that I could run until I joined cross country my sophomore year of high school, and then I continued running because I was good at it.
Best Running Moment:  Every time my friends and I go on an adventure/run, and my most favorite running moment was placing 5th at State in high school for my junior and senior year.
Favorite Place to Run:  Along some type of water, or on a dirt path somewhere.
Favorite Race: 2014 State track. We placed 5th at State for the 3200 meter relay and broke our school record. This was our goal, and we accomplished it.

Chloe Irish

Favorite Shoe:  Asics GT-2000
Favorite Running Accessory:  Garmin Watch
What Got You Into Running? The feeling you get when you crush a run.
Best Running Moment:  State track meet
Favorite Place to Run: UWGB Nature Trail
Favorite Race: Bellin Run

Jolene Kerner

Favorite Shoe:  Brooks Launch
Favorite Running Accessory:  Spibelt
What Got You Into Running?  I’ve been running since 6th grade. My older sister got me into running because she used to run.
Best Running Moment:  My senior year of college outdoor conference 4X400m photo finish and PR
Favorite Place to Run: 400m in track
Favorite Race: Fox River Trail

Jessica LeMere

Favorite Shoe:  Saucony Guide
Favorite Running Accessory:  Nathan handheld bottles
What Got You Into Running?   I started running long distance 10 years ago as a way to cope with stress in my life at that time and I just got really into it and never looked back.
Best Running Moment:  Finishing Mad City 100k (USATF Road Championships) – 1st Female Masters
Favorite Place to Run: Ultra Distances on Roads
Favorite Race: Fall 50

Emily McCoy

Favorite Shoe:  Saucony Kinvara
Favorite Running Accessory:  Cold weather headbands and my Spibelt for running with my phone/music
What Got You Into Running?  Green Bay East High School Cross Country, Cory Bins, Teresa Gillies
Best Running Moment:  First girls team state qualification senior year of high school, watching my teammates have epic races and score at conference last spring, running part of the IronMan marathon with my dad
Favorite Place to Run: Anywhere new, state parks, the Chicago lakefront path
Favorite Race: The mile, it’s a classic, and the Illinois Twilight Meet 5k (It goes off about 11:00pm and I love it)

Eduardo Navarro Jr.

Favorite Shoe:  Lunar Glide
Favorite Running Accessory:  Polar GPS/Heart Rate Monitor Watch
What Got You Into Running?  I threw 32 interceptions my freshman year of football and suspected I needed a change.
Best Running Moment:  Running a sub 10 minute 2 mile
Favorite Place to Run: UWGB Outside loop
Favorite Race: 800m

Karissa Seidl

Favorite Shoe:  Saucony Ride and Brooks Ghost
Favorite Running Accessory:  Flipbelt and BondiBand
What Got You Into Running? I was a track and field sprinter and jumper at St. Norbert (2010-2014). However, my father got me into running half marathons about 5 years ago. I’ve been hooked to distance running ever since.
Best Running Moment:  My best running moment was becoming a conference champion in the sprint medley relay in college. However, my favorite moment was completing my first marathon with my dad.
Favorite Place to Run:  I love jumping on Ahnapee State Trail in Luxemburg, WI.
Favorite Race: Air Force Marathon events in Dayton, Ohio

Kristen Thompson

Favorite Shoe:  New Balance 880s
Favorite Running Accessory:  Flipbelt
What Got You Into Running? After my last child was born, I needed to try something different to stay active and I gave the couch to 5k program a shot.
Best Running Moment:  Seeing my dad at mile 25 of the Fox Cities Marathon in 2014 and saying “Boston Bound 2016”
Favorite Place to Run:  Windover Rd in Howard – Best View in Town
Favorite Race: The Boston Marathon

Dave Taylor

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Tracey Ubl

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Oshkosh Employees

Will Koepp, Store Manager

Favorite Shoe:  Saucony Peregrine, Brooks Launch
Favorite Running Accessory:  Amphipod Xinglet
What Got You Into Running? Realizing my natural ability in running and the fact that my mind had an even greater ability to push my body beyond what I thought it could handle. To me, there was no greater sense of satisfaction.
Best Running Moment:  Anytime there was a come-from-behind win in a 4x00m relay on the track
Favorite Place to Run: North Country National Scenic Trail in northern Wisconsin (where I grew up)
Favorite Race: Houdini 10k

Brandi Blader

Favorite Shoe:  Nike Vomero and New Balance Zante
Favorite Running Accessory:  Nathan Peak belt
What Got You Into Running?  I started running to become more healthy and active, but in that process fell in love with it for so many reasons!
Best Running Moment:  Finishing my first half marathon because I never thought I would ever be able to event make it up to 10 miles let along 13.1. It was such an accomplishment for me.
Favorite Place to Run: Downtown Oshkosh and on trails
Favorite Race: Oshkosh Half Marathon

Carol Buchholz

Favorite Shoe:  Nike Vomero
Favorite Running Accessory:  Hydration Backpack
What Got You Into Running?  Relationship issues
Best Running Moment:  Running first half marathon
Favorite Place to Run: Anywhere scenic
Favorite Race: Green Lake Half Marathon

Lesley Kutnink

Favorite Shoe:  Brooks Glycerin
Favorite Running Accessory:  Water bottle belt
What Got You Into Running?  New Years Resolution
Best Running Moment:  Oshkosh Marathon Finish Line
Favorite Place to Run: Oshkosh Half Marathon Course
Favorite Race: Rock n’ Sole Half Marathon MKE

Brenna Martyn

Favorite Shoe:  Mizuno Wave Rider
Favorite Running Accessory:  A ponytail 🙂
What Got You Into Running?  My coaches
Best Running Moment:  I cannot pick
Favorite Place to Run: On the trails in Oshkosh
Favorite Race: I do not have a favorite race

Erin Moldenhauer

Favorite Shoe:  Saucony Guide
Favorite Running Accessory:  Garmin Watch
What Got You Into Running?  My Husband, Brendan
Best Running Moment:  Winning the Oshkosh Marathon in 2016 and Running the Boston Marathon with my husband in 2017
Favorite Place to Run: Literally everywhere.
Favorite Race: Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon and Boston Marathon

Tony Rodriguez

Favorite Shoe:  Mizuno Wave Sayonara, Brooks Launch
Favorite Running Accessory:  Nathan BigShot Water Bottle, 32 oz.
What Got You Into Running?  It has always been a part of my life and it is difficult to pin down exactly what got me into it
Best Running Moment:  When I persuaded my brother to go to a pub run with me.
Favorite Place to Run: On a track, the second lane from the inside
Favorite Race: Iditarod Trail Invitational in Alaska

Jacob Rost

Favorite Shoe:  Saucony Guide
Favorite Running Accessory:  A Headband
What Got You Into Running?  I really loved running in grade school and so my mom put me in cross country and I loved it!
Best Running Moment:  8th place at the state track meet in the 3200m with a 9:20
Favorite Place to Run: All around the streets of Oshkosh
Favorite Race: Any championship level race

Trent Webster

Favorite Shoe:  Altra Lone Peak
Favorite Running Accessory: Suunto Ambit
What Got You Into Running?  Bicycling cross-training
Best Running Moment:  Finishing leadville 100
Favorite Place to Run: Colorado Rockies, Terrel’s Island
Favorite Race: Hardrock 100

Joe Zack

Favorite Shoe:  Nike Structure
Favorite Running Accessory: Garmin Vivoactive HR
What Got You Into Running? My high school track coach made the sport a lot of fun to do, and that carried forward as I wanted to keep getting better.
Best Running Moment: Becoming an Indoor Track All-American in the Distance Medley Relay in 2015.
Favorite Place to Run: The Redwood Forest
Favorite Race: UW-Oshkosh Kollege Town Cross Country Invitational


Colin McKean, Director of Run Away Shoes

Favorite Shoe: Saucony Freedom ISO
Favorite Running Accessory: The simple but effective Nathan Strobelight
What got you into running?: I was actually a basketball player in my younger years, so I decided to run cross country as a freshman at Marquette High to get in shape for basketball season. I ended up running varsity that year, and have been doing it ever since.
Best running moment: I had a bet with the Saint Norbert College coach that at the age of 29, I couldn’t run a specific time in the 800 on the track. We put a steak from the Prime Quarter on the line. On the third try, I won my steak. It was a blast getting back into track shape again. It was a blast running against college kids again, and it was a blast eating a free steak!
Favorite Race: Twin Cities marathon. My first and only marathon was here, and I enjoyed it quite thoroughly. I would definitely do it again.
Favorite place to run: Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve out in Howard. We take the Saint Norbert athletes out there all the time. Hard packed trails that are well marked are great. The only downfall is there’s a bit of a mosquito epidemic in that area.

Claire Koepp, Internal Director

Favorite Shoe:  Nike Structure
Favorite Running Accessory:  The Orb
What Got You Into Running? I ran cross country to appease my dad because I wanted to play soccer during track season. I was hooked, and never ended up playing soccer.
Best Running Moment:  Running for the Minnesota Gophers
Favorite Place to Run: Wiouwash Trail, Kiekhaefer Park
Favorite Race: Race for the Light in Oshkosh, Chilly/Chili Run in Fond du Lac

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