Erin Molenhauer and Marathon #24
California International Marathon overview:
CIM will always have a special place in my heart.  Toeing the starting line was exciting yet terrifying not knowing what was about to happen.  Four months of training in pursuit of the perfect race. . .  and boy was it perfect!!  There were crowds of people cheering us on the entire course.  The course was filled with rolling hills.  I run my training runs on hills. so I feel like that is my specialty.  Even with the hills, I felt good during the entire race.  Sticking to my coach’s strict training plan definitely paid off.  
As I neared the finish line and the time clock came into view, I was shocked and amazed with myself to see that I was going to beat my goal by almost minutes.  My official time was 2:52:35.  This was a 5 minute 30 second personal best for me.
As soon as I finished crossing the finish line, I already wanted more.  I was thinking of what race I should go after next.  Am I crazy?  Some would say yes.  I just consider myself passionate!!  It’s a type of crazy that only runners can appreciate and it’s an honor when someone calls you out on it.
I feel extremely lucky to have a running family.  Having my husband racing the same race is something special.  It was also great knowing my daughter was waiting for me at the finish line.  
We made the trip into a family vacation.  Before the race our entire family joined runners from all over the world to do a shake out run around the state capitol.  During this vacation we were able to try out the local food, go see the ocean and the golden gate bridge, not to mention local coffee shops! We also found out that the Foo Fighters were playing a couple of blocks from where we were staying so we got some last minute tickets!                 
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