Father’s Day Gift Guide

Celebrate the men in your life with a gift to support their active lifestyle! We compiled a list of a handful of great items that we think would be great for Dad!

For the Techie Dad: A Garmin Fenix watch is packed full of features! It’s multi-sport capabilities is sure to keep up with the guy who does it all!

For the Speedy Dad: A lightweight Singlet will complete is race-day look and keep him feeling fast and cool to the finish line. A pair of racing flats will double as a speed-work and race day shoe to support his speed.

For the New-Runner Dad: Every runner needs at least two things to support a successful progression of running happy and healthy: A pair of quality, fitting running shoes and non-cotton moisture wicking socks. We can help him find the best pair of shoes for his feet and goals. Encourage him to come by purchasing a gift certificate towards a pair of shoes! He may also be a little sore. Keep him running healthy by encouraging recovery with a foam roller.

For the Endurance Dad: Whether its long runs or rides, keep him hydrated through his treks in the summer months with a hydration pack. To keep him comfortable along the way Nip Guards and Body Glide will help keep chafing at bay.

For the Cross-Fit Dad: A pair of moisture managing shorts will keep him cool and comfortable throughout his workout. Cross training shoes will give him the base he needs during his time at the gym.

For the New-Dad: Early-morning runs might be a bit more difficult for a sleep-deprived new dad. A boost of a gel or chews that include caffeine may be just what he needs! Make the process of getting ready even easier in the morning with lock laces so he can just slip on his shoes and go!

For the Active Dad: Whether he is golfing, grilling, or hiking with his family, a light weight moisture managing T-shirt will keep him cool in the warm summer months. Nuun All-Day drink tablets will add a little flavor and hydration support to his water keeping him fueled for his active lifestyle.

For ANY Dad: Goodr sunglasses are no slip, no bounce, all polarized and come in a variety of colors!

Updated: 6/12/2018

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