As many people out there might know I have never run a full marathon before. Last year I ran a total of 5 half marathons, so I have decided to take on the challenge and run a Full Marathon this year. Im kinda scared and very excited at the same time. I have decided to share with you a daily blog about how I am doing and what i am doing for my training. I know there are a lot of first timers out there like me and I think it will be cool to share my experience and try to help people learn from my mistakes and get some good pointers as well.

So to start off, I am going to be running the Madison Marathon on Memorial Day Weekend aka MDW. I am using the Prevea training program from the Green Bay Marathon. I am keeping everything the same as the Green Bay timeline Im just extending it one extra week. A lot of people have been asking me, why not run GB? The reason I am not is because of the expo and just working way to many hours the two days before and then running. I want to enjoy my first, which I probably wont come mile 20, and not have to worry about what I did leading up to it.  Overall training has been going good for the first two months I have been staying on schedule and keeping up with all the miles.

Day 60ish March 29th, 2012

Today we were scheduled to run 6 miles. I ended up only running 5.5. Im not to worried that I was a half mile short. I was down in Chicago and ran along the lake by Northwesterns Campus. My achilies has been bothering me the past few days and it has been super tight. Using a foam roller to stretch it out and im constantly massaging it when im sitting around. I didnt eat anything before my run since it was bright and early at 8 am. I cant eat a lot before I run. I wore my Nike structure triax and they felt pretty good today. Temp was around 30ish and not much wind. Wore Saucony Omni tights and only my Nomad Jacket. The 5.5 felt great.


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