Meet Ryan: Organizer of the F.N. Fun Run Running Club

My name is Ryan and I, with the help of many friends, organize the F.N. Fun Runs. I grew up in Plymouth but moved out to the Portland Oregon just after college. I met my wife Sharyl in Portland and ended up moving back to The Fox Valley just over 10 years ago. Running was never on my radar, it was a punishment in other sports and never thought it would be part of my daily routine.
Ryan and Sharyl – Organizers of FN Fun Run
Like many, I started running to get in shape. A friend of mine asked if I wanted to run a Tough Mudder. It really intrigued me but I was in no shape to run 3 miles, nevertheless 10 with obstacles. So I started training and got hooked. I was able to complete that race and have gone on to complete races of all distances with the help of my FN Fun Run family.

FN Fun. Runners after a long day on the trails

What is F.N. Fun Run?

F.N. Fun Run was started nearly 5 years ago, we are a group that gets together one Friday Night (F.N.) a month for a run and some laughs. So the F.N. stands for Friday Night,  It’s more fun to say FN.  F.N. Fun was started as a free-running club and we’ve never charged membership fees and never will.
Our group is open to runners of all abilities, we generally meet in Menasha and Oshkosh, but throw some other locations as well – like our nighttime run at High Cliff State Park. We even started a free Thanksgiving Day Run last year and had about 40 runners show up.
Family Friendly FN Turkey Trot this past Thanksgiving
In addition to our monthly fun runs, we usually get a group of Fun Runners to volunteer at a few races. We do this to support all the local runners and this year had our first destination race at the Milwaukee Marathon and half marathon.
Teri- been running and volunteering with us since the beginning

Terrell’s Island Endurance Run

The biggest event our club puts on is the Terrell’s Island Endurance Run. Runners sign up to run either 2, 4 or 6 hours around a beautiful trail in Omro. This event brings a ton of people together to cheer everyone on. It’s one of my favorite days of the year, we see people run further than they ever thought was possible. Every year someone completes their first half marathon, marathon or ultra-marathon at our event and seeing the joy on the runner’s faces is what makes the hard work worthwhile.
The joy after running farther than ever thought was possible

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“Me handing out awards at Terrell’s Island, my favorite job” – Ryan

F.N. Fun Run and Run Away Shoes

Run Away Shoes has always been there to help our runners. They help with the fit of shoes and ordering what you need when it’s not in stock. When I need shoes now, I just text Will at the Oshkosh location and pick them up when they are in. So easy. They have borrowed us equipment which really helps out our race as well.
FN Fun Runners meeting at the Run Away Shoes beer stand after Cellcom Half Marathon this year
I still remember the first group run I went to many years ago, nervous and didn’t know anyone, it was hard but so happy I went. That’s what I want the community to know, our club is open to everyone and we have runners of all different paces so you will have someone to run with. Just show up, and we guarantee an FN good time. 😉

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