Run Away to the Bay

A response to Winter Storm Evelyn and the decision to alter the 2018 Run Away to the Bay Event

It is easy to make the right decision but it is hard to work out the consequences. We are doing our best to still make our event great despite the circumstances of this historical April snowfall.

As a race director, it is inevitable that you will experience directing an event in less than ideal weather conditions at some point or another in your career. I have learned so much over the years about weather hazards in my experiences at our events after being confronted with nearly every weather pattern at some point or another.

Those situations and other situations that affect the stability and soundness of events lead to problem-solving, plan b’s and whatever you can do to make the best out of worst possible situations.

This week is the hardest from that aspect. The right solution and plan b meant upsetting so many people. No matter how much I know the right decision was made, I still feel ill to my stomach and find it hard to sleep.

Events and races are expensive, personal, and very important! They keep some runners focused on a future goal and others engaged in activity that brings people together. When it’s personal, it makes it even harder to know when your decision has upset someone.

Sometimes, it sucks doing what you love. However, when you have a passion for what you do, you do whatever it takes to work out situations that may arise – even if that means creating brand new race plans in 4 days!

As a race company, we are prepared and do our best to think about possible worst-case scenarios and create solutions to be prepared. But 24 inches of snow and a storm of a century takes this to a whole new level.

In the end, I have learned that I can only do the best I can do, and that many times there are situations out of my control. I cannot make every problem go away, and that is a humbling experience. However, it has been in those experiences where some of the best days have occurred and where I have truly felt the support of our local running community.

Stick with us this week as we continue to work towards making Saturday a Run Away to the Bay we can look back on with joyful memories.

– Ross and Claire

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