Getting Back At It (February)

Hey there! Well, I said that I would blog monthly on my personal journey. As you can see I just barely squeaked one in for February. But it’s here! Over the past month I have lost some inches and also lost a few pounds and am feeling better about myself. Most importantly, I am giving myself grace which I’ve never really done any other time that I was setting out to accomplish a goal. This time there is no exact timeline..just living life! I am trying to make sure that I fill my cup. Not to be selfish, but to be a less stressed and more relaxed person. (In my case mother, wife, friend and co-worker, which benefits all) 

So, funny thing about me is that I am somewhat of an introvert, but really like my social time too! I like me alone time and thrive off of one on one as well. When I exercise, I love to be with others. When I’m going to go out for a run I will generally plan it to be with someone else. Every Tuesday me and a couple other ladies run at the a$$ crack of dawn, otherwise known as 4:15am. People ask me why in the world someone would ever willingly get up that early and run or do anything for that matter. Well, I have a friend that needs to be ready to get herself and her kiddos ready in the morning and in order for her to run on a weekday this is the time that works and I want to have that time with her. Plus, my number one reason for getting up early and getting my workout in is because I am the only thing stopping me. Once my day gets started I’m really good at putting others’ needs first and also being too tired to carry out a decent workout at the end of the day. You know what, I encourage you to wake up early and get out there. You would be surprised at how great you feel the rest of the day and not to mention..if you get up early enough the sunrise is beautiful and you’re done before you even realize your body is awake! Just in time for coffee!! Which leads me to telling you about Run Away Shoes’ new series Caffeine Chasers. I’m pretty excited about it. This will be 4 separate Saturday mornings from March – October that will have scheduled 3ish mile routes starting at local coffee houses. These morning runs or walks get to be spent with friends and you get a beverage of your choice after each! 

This weekend I planned to run with a friend and we said we would meet at 8am. I got up early, was bored and really wanted to try out a new pair of shoes, so I decided to head to her house on foot early and meet her right outside her door. (You all know how you feel on new shoe day!) Well, we miscommunicated and she thought we were meeting on Sunday. She was out on a snowshoeing adventure and felt bad that she read the texts wrong. At first I was thinking, “I’ll just walk home, at least I moved today.” Then I thought, “You know what, I’ll finish it out as a run and call it a 5K for the day.” (Picture above) And maybe part of me was thinking people should say they are meeting up with me by foot and that would make me get out the door by myself.  LOL Eventually, I would catch on when they repeatedly stood me up! 

Anyway, so far my journey back to health and happiness is going well. I have not been hard on myself about getting back into the groove. I’ve been trying to strength train and make sure that my foundation muscles are just as strong if not stronger than the show muscles. I want to be sure that I am setting myself up for success and keeping stress low. Some things are inevitable, but some we do have control over. 2020-current has made me slow down and look at things differently. I have changed my priorities in ways others may or may not see, but I feel the difference in a good way. Tell me what are some changes you are making this year?

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