Getting in shape is hard…

It isn’t just the physical aspect but the time effort and change of lifestyle.  Now, I know you are all thinking lifestyle?  Don’t you own and work at a running store?  Yes, but Run Away isn’t just that but a business as well and that means I have to work more often than play during the day.  I also have a better appreciation of other families who have small children and who are great shape.  I had previously under estimated sleep and how important it was to recovery and ability to function on a day to day aspect of getting back into shape.  I have chosen to get back in shape by doing more than just run because there is more to life than just walking or running in a straight line.  TRX and lifting are my main avenues to building muscle and trimming down other than getting out for runs.  I encourage all runners to try other forms of exercise to keep you well rounded.  You will be amazed at the benefits and may even help with many running injuries.


I have a long way to go…  See you at the running events later this year. If you are looking for a good 10K Try the Badger State 10K on April 2nd sponsored by Brooks.


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