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What sets GU apart?

  • GU Energy supports about 100 organizations through product donations & supports charitable causes that fall into one of more of the following categories: fitness, health, environment, education, youth sports, community, nutrition, challenges athletes, global and local issues.

Highlights you don’t want to miss:

  • Gels, chews, drinks, waffles, and capsule fuel options!
  • ALL GU Energy Gels are gluten free and kosher
  • Made will all vegan ingredients
  • The 100 calorie packs of original GU come in 18 different flavors, 11 contain caffeine
  • GU Roctane is a more condensed version that contains three times the amount of sodium and amino acids as traditional GU while also including caffeine in all flavors.

What our Nutritionist* Says:

GU contains two types of sugars that are able to work efficiently together to fuel you during your next workout or race.


  • GU can be used before or during any activity to provide a quick source of energy and sodium to keep your body properly fueled.
  • It can be versatile by squeezing the GU into a bottle of water for a less condensed source of energy to prevent ‘hitting the wall’ and upset stomachs.
  • It can be used 5-15 minutes before a long endurance activity and then should be taken every 35-40 minutes during the activity to prevent the body from running out of fuel

What makes GU work so well?

  • Sodium: main electrolyte that is lost in sweat that is needed for muscle contractions
  • Amino Acids (building block of muscle/protein) reduce muscle damage, helps the body repair muscles and make them stronger after activity and prevents mental fatigue.
  • Caffeine: preserves body’s preferred source of fuel: glycogen (sugar) which delays onset of muscle fatigue by using fat for fuel and helping the mind focus longer.

Gu Roctane: Designed for long-duration and high-intensity activates.

  • Three times as much sodium and amino acids as regular GU.
  • Amino Acids (building blocks of muscle/protein) are beneficial for:
    • Decreasing the breakdown of muscle tissue during and after exercise, building muscles after activity to make them stronger.
    • Reducing the amount of lactic acid build-up in muscles
    • Help the heart contract more efficiently for better cardiac output (output of blood)
  • Caffeine: all Roctane has 35 mg: helps delay fatigue by using fat for fuel which reduces the amount of sugar used at a time by muscles for energy.

What our staff say:

“I use Gu Energy Gels and Gu Chews for running and riding.” – Rhea K

“For a 26.2 or a 50 miler, I consume one packet every hour and alternate between Gu and another brand seems to work best.” – Jessica L.

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*Emily Bauman, MS, RD, CD went to undergrad at UW-Stout for dietetics where she also ran track and cross country.  For grad school and dietetic internship, she went to West Virginia University where she held a graduate assistantship (GA) in which she was responsible for helping build the sports nutrition undergrad curriculum alongside the undergrad program director and WVU’s sports dietitian.  This is also where she first started working at a running store, too (Morgantown Running)

Currently, she works at Bellin Health as an inpatient dietitian as well as an outpatient dietitian at the Marinette clinic where she does a wide variety of nutrition counseling and diabetic education.

She enjoys running, swimming, and biking as her main activities, but will also pull out her rollerblades, kayak or stand-up paddleboard occasionally to change it up.

When she is on a long bike ride, she likes to fuel up with GU, Huma, Skratch and alternate with water along the way.

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