Ouch! My Heel Hurts!

Do you have heel pain? Does your heel hurt as you step out of bed in the morning? Is the pain keeping you from enjoying an active lifestyle? You may have Plantar Faciitis.

Heel pain known as Plantar Fasciitis is inflammation and small tears of ligaments and tendons that run down the length of the foot. Ouch! This pain often starts in the heel and is experienced right away with the first steps out of bed in the morning and it gets worse throughout the rest of the day. It commonly affects persons with really high arches or really low arches, wearing poor footwear, increasing high impact activity levels, or spending continuous long periods of time on your feet with poor footwear. (Source: Mayo Clinic)

What can you do to prevent this condition?

  1. Wear good quality footwear during long periods of time on your feet or during high impact activities such as running and walking.

How can you do to treat this condition?

  1. A physical therapist may prescribe specific exercise to work on strengthening muscles that stabilize you ankle and heel.

What can we at Run Away Shoes offer to support you in the healing process with your heel pain?

  1. Advise you with on the best high quality footwear for your foot type and condition
  2. Connect you with a local physical therapist who can perform a FREE injury screening to advise you on next steps
  3. We carry a variety of accessories to help support you in recovery and prevention:
    1. Ankle bands: available in two resistances and used for a variety of strengthening activities.
    2. Performance Foot Sleeve: Graduated compression helps with swelling, helps support the foot and reduces pain
    3. Strassburg Sock: This night split offers tension on the tissue (plantar fascia) so it heals in a stretched position at night.
    4. Foot Rubz: Provides massage to trouble sponts on your feet
    5. The Stick and Foam Rollers: Assists in “rolling out” or massaging larger surrounding muscle groups


Staff at Run Away Shoes are not trained medical professionals. The above information is only information, guidelines and suggestions based on our research and experience. With over 40 years of combined shoe selling experience, our staff has worked closely with customers who have been professionally diagnosed with the discussed condition. We believe that the support and cushion offered in a quality shoe is an integral part of the healing process. We have worked closely with local Doctors and Chiropractors and work monthly with local Physical Therapists who take the time to come into the store to offer free injury screenings. We do not suggest that you diagnose yourself based on the information shared, but reach out to a trained medical professional for a proper diagnosis. For more information on our monthly injury screenings, please visit: https://runawayshoes.net/injury-screenings

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