All the information below pertains to the VIRTUAL event only.  


Who: Anyone who lives in the 48 Contiguous United States

When: November of 2022. Anytime after you receive your race packet which will be available or mailed out after November 7, 2022. We encourage you to complete your 10k by the end of November, though. It’s good to have a goal!

Where:  Anywhere!

Included with your registration:

  • Event Shirt
  • 2022 Unique Commemorative Finisher Medal
  • 2022 Event Race Bib
  • 4 Safety Pins for securing your race bib
  • Any additional materials from our race sponsors

Please note: the shirt, finisher medal and bib will be the same style and design as received by the in-person event participants.

Proceeds from the event will benefit:  TBD

There will be no age group awards for virtual participants.




This event is non-refundable.

When will I receive my race kit?

When you register for the Virtual event, you will have an option to have your race kit mailed to you or pick-up at Run Away Shoes in Oshkosh, Appleton, or Green Bay.

A reminder, we are only shipping to the 48 Contiguous United States.

Due to our production process of the race shirts and race preparation timeline, we will mail all virtual event race kits on by Wednesday, Nov. 9th and for registrants who choose pick-up at Run Away Shoes, those will be available at their respective locations beginning Wednesday, November 9th. 

It may take between 3-7 days to receive your kit, depending on where you live. 

What will I receive in my race kit?

  • Event Shirt
  • 2022 Unique Commemorative Finisher Medal
  • 2021 Event Race Bib
  • 4 Safety Pins for securing your race bib
  • Promotional Flyers from our race sponsors

Virtual packets will not be available to pick-up at in-person event packet pick-up.

Shirt Information

Style & Fit: 2022 Shirt TBD

Product Measurements:





Shirt Changes

Before Registration Closes: If you need to change your shirt size, please e-mail [email protected] Sizes cannot be changed once online registration closes.

After Registration Closes: Shirt exchanges are possible between Monday, November 8th and Friday, November 19th based on shirt size and availability. The participant is responsible for shipping the original shirt back and covering shipping costs of the new shirt. If local, shirts can be exchanged at one of our Run Away Shoes locations. Please contact [email protected] first.


Virtual Registration Transfer Information

Can I transfer my registration to a different participant?

Yes, there is a sell/transfer option available on the participant self-management page open through Sunday, October 30th..

You can only transfer a virtual registration to another participant who plans to participate virtually. There are no transfers between categories (i.e. Virtual event to Live event)

Use the Participant Self Management link to sell your registration. You will get to choose your refund (i.e. the price you want to sell it at) and then insert the e-mail of the person who you are selling/transferring and they will receive an e-mail to complete it. You will receive an e-mail once they have done that. Please open that e-mail to approve the transfer. Then, in 2-3 business days, you will receive your refund.

Mark Werner

Mark was a member of the Run Away Shoes/Events family and running community who played an integral role in the creation of this event. Thank you for participating and keeping Mark’s passion for community running events going.

How to participate virtually


1) Get in the Zone

 We’ve put together a “Magical” Spotify playlist for you to enjoy before, during, or after you run. You can find it here: Houdini 10k Magical Playlist


2) Put on your Houdini 10k Event Shirt and Race Bib!

We’ve included 4 safety pins for you to use to secure your bib.

If you’re not into wearing your event shirt while participating in that event, wear your Houdini 10k event shirt proudly another time. 

3) Run or Walk a 10k (6.2 miles) anywhere you would like!

This could be on a treadmill, running track, park trail, city sidewalks, … really, anywhere where runners and walkers are welcome.

We suggest using to plan your route.


4) Share your accomplishment!

Report your performance on Race Entry (optional):

  •  Head to your confirmation e-mail and click the green “Manage Your Registration” button or click HERE
  • Click “Submit Your Results”
  • You can also download a finishers certificate from that page
  • Head back to Participant Self Management to view results submitted by others.
  • Reporting will be open through the end of November.

Connect with other Virtual Houdini 10k-ers:

Take a picture of yourself sporting your Houdini 10k gear, and share about your experience on social media using the hashtag #Houdini10k so we can find you!

There is no obligation to report your participation, but we would love to hear about your experience! Please e-mail us at [email protected] with as much as you want to share!

Don’t forget to wear your medal proudly!

Stay Virtually Connected

Social Media

Join the 2022 Houdini 10k Facebook Event and follow along on the Run Away Event Races Facebook page.

There will be a pinned post on the Run Away Event Races Facebook page from November 7th – November 30th if you would like to connect with other virtual runners or share about your Virtual Houdini 10k experience with us!

Take a picture of yourself sporting your Houdini 10k gear, and share about your experience on social media using the hashtag #Houdini10k so we can find you!



If you want to submit your results, you can do so here:

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