We know that Wisconsin Runner’s Don’t Hibernate, and we want to keep you running strong and safely all year long. When you must run in the winter elements, consider our safety advice before you head out.

How to Avoid Falling

You have a few options to avoid slipping and falling. First, don’t run outside. If there is a lot of fresh snow or stale ice under that fresh snow, opt for the treadmill.

Reinforce your shoes with Yak Trax. This product is designed to slip onto the outside of your shoes and has extra traction. There are running and walking versions available.

How to Fall

Did you know there is a right way and a wrong way to fall? Though falling can happen suddenly without warning, it is worthwhile to learn about the proper way to fall to prevent serious injury.

The writers at Runner’s World summed it up well so we are going to link it for you HERE.


Slipping Warning

Do you need to add Yak Trax or other winter running gear to your wardrobe? We have it already bundled for you!

Layering For Warmth

When temps are reaching lows that risk frostbite, it is important to be mindful about what you are wearing when you head out for a run.

We love the system of layers when considering what to wear. What materials are you putting against your skin? Are they managing moisture well? Is your outer layer blocking the wind or letting it in? Each has it’s purpose. Do you need some help deciding what to wear? We wrote a guide for that.

Woman zipping up winter jacket

In need of quality winter apparel? We’ve got you covered.

Run With A Friend

Or run with a phone.

Or let a friend know.

If you prefer to run friendless and phoneless, let someone know where you are running and when you will be back. In the event something happens and you are late coming back, they will know you are out in the elements and can come to pick you up.

Be Seen

Run in the daylight – not only is it likely warmer, you’re safer. Winter has short days and so if you cannot swing it to get your run during daylight, wear bright clothing and a visibility accessory. If you need help choosing we wrote a guide HERE.

Man and Woman Running in the Winter
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