We asked a morning person about how she gets herself up and out the door for a run.

“I just wake up and I’m excited!” She said

This may NOT be you. If it isn’t, you’ve come to the right place. Erin has a few tips to help you out.

Make The Morning As Efficient As Possible

The hardest part of any workout sometimes is not the workout at all. It’s the getting ready and getting there.

Some of the things Erin does to prepare herself for a morning workout is all done the night before. This includes setting out her workout clothes and post-run outfit as well if she is running errands after her run.

Erin also sets out her protein powder and snacks or other food for her day so she can grab-and-go. This way, she can set her alarm a little later because there is not as much prep time.

The less decisions you have to make in the morning the better. Deciding to get out of bed is hard enough!


Erin running along the riverwalk in Oshkosh

Erin at the 2020 Lumberjack & Jill


Additionally, Erin mentioned that accountability is huge. She recently met her running partner to support her in an important workout and it’s motivating to get out the door when you know you are helping a friend.

Speaking of friends, Erin’s running partner Katie also mentioned that finding someone who is a morning person or is willing to meet you in the morning is a good idea. It is a lot harder to hit snooze if someone is expecting you to show up.

Erin and Katie post run

Erin and Katie Post Morning Workout

Need a BRF (Best Running Friend)? Plug into a local running group

Focus On The Perks

What are some of the benefits to getting your run or workout in early?

Erin and her running partner Katie both agree seeing the sun come up is a HUGE treat.

Other benefits include having an entire day of ahead of you without working on the timing of a workout, starting off the day doing something you enjoy, and exercising in the morning can help wake you up and give you energy for your day.

If you are a morning person, what helps you get out of bed in the morning? If mornings are hard for you, do you have any tips we can add to our list?

Sunrise at Menominee Park

Race Morning – Run Away to the Bay 2016

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