Staying Hydrated this Summer

  1. Start out with a full tank. We’re not talking about the slosh-around-in-your-stomach kind full. We’re talking about preparing your body by consistently hydrating throughout the day with the right amount of water for you. If you have not taken a drink of water in a while, please take a break from reading this blog post and get a glass of water or go re-fill your water bottle.
  1. Prepare for your workout. Nathan Hydration makes a great line of hydration belts on bottles that make it easy to hydrate on the run. They come in different sizes and hold different volumes of water depending on what your workout is.


Tip: If you do not like to carry a bottle or you think you might need a fill-up on the run, Fill and stash water bottles in places around your route before you run, or plan your route near your home or a friend’s home so you can stop in and fuel up.

  1. Listen to your body. Dehydration is nothing to mess with, make sure your body is ready for your workout. One way is by simply looking at your urine:


(If you can’t read the text or tell by the faces, you want to be closer to the right!)

Also, watch for any signs of dehydration during your workout.

  1. Educate yourself. Check out these articles:   How much water should I drink every day? and this interesting read on hydration from Runner’s World

Take Care of Yourself!

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