Everyone talks about getting back into shape and doing a race.  Everyone complains about how sore they are and how much work it is.  I am here to say I am getting back into shape and I think for once I may be able to do it.  I am starting to grow up and that means less time to do more things.  I sometimes wonder how I survived and how the stores have gotten to where they are today with the amount of time I pissed away.  With having two small children, three stores, 6 major events each year, I have found the most important thing I can do is to get back to the basics and what is important to me… run hard and have fun.  I used to love the race and speed and not the workouts, but as we all should know, it doesn’t work that way and the effort you put in each day will get you where you want to go.


Nobody tells how they feel during the process from start to finish.


This will be an on-going blog to keep everyone in the loop and to keep me honest my progress.  I will not be the fastest or will never be as fast as I have been but I promise I am going to give it hell.



Keys to my achievement:

  • Goals: obtainable short term, midterm, long term and adjust them as need be.
  • Consistency: just doing it and not saying “tomorrow, tomorrow”.
  • Help: a friend or friends that will push you along the right path


The right mix of workouts and equipment can do a body good and I have no excuses because I have the equipment to do anything I want and love to do.


So here go’s everything.



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