New Years has arrived! And with it, I’m sure your resolutions (like mine) include trying to either get back into running or continue to keep your training consistent. Here’s some quick tips for getting back into it:

1) Keep a SIMPLE running log. We all love to track our daily mileage and the workouts we’ve done for the week, but when we’re starting back up, it’s all about consistency, so mark a 1 on the days you run and a 0 on the days you don’t. Get a string of ones together and you’ll be well on your way.

2) Take it easy. Too much, too soon is the downfall of many a runner. Please don’t fall into the trap of overextending yourself. Keep your pace and distances short and easy until your body has adapted to the pounding that running brings with it.

3) My personal favorite: make sure your shoes still have life in them, and if they don’t, replace them. It’ll add that extra motivation because you just spent some hard-­earned money AND it will help keep you injury free.

4) Set a number of goals. Yes, people are thinking of their fall marathons already, but you’ll want to have a number of things to look forward to in the meantime that will keep you interested. It can be something traditional like the Bellin 10k or Cellcom marathon, or something different like Run Away to the Bay or a mud run.

5) Find some friends or join a club. Accountability is key, as is variety. When you’re counting on someone else and someone else is counting on you, the likelihood of you getting out the door increases exponentially. Go to the Saturday runs for the Cellcom marathon (even if you’re not training for it), come to our pub runs, and talk to the Green Bay Running Club.

Have a great January, stay safe on the roads, and get your miles in!

January Pub Run

Green Bay Distillery

When: Thursday, January 23rd
Time: 5:30
Where: Green Bay Distillery

Our official pub runs begin the last Thursday of February. But this month, we’ll be working with the Green Bay Running Club to pair a run with their quarterly meeting. Be there at 5:30!

New Shoe of the month

Brooks Ravenna 5

Brooks Ravenna 5

Brooks’s fastest rising shoe is back with a new revision. The major changes they made were to introduce their BioMoGo DNA into their core line of shoes (to give more consistent cushion) and to reduce the total weight of the shoe. Even with these changes, they kept the price the same at $110! Hooray!

Newton Blow Out Sale!

All old Newton shoes in stock are on sale now!

  • Gravity -­ $175 -­> $100
  • Motion -­ $175 -­> $100
  • Distance U -­ $155 -­> $85
  • Terra Momentus -­ $149 -­> $80
  • Lady and Sir Isaac -­ $149 -­> $80

VIP Party


February 6th, 2014 -­ 3 to 6 PM

Join us for VIP Night at the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel in Appleton on February 8th from 3pm -­ 6pm. Reps from all major brands will be attending. See the latest fall shoes and apparel before they are released, talk to the reps of your favorite brands, and have the opportunity to order future product at a discount. Food, drinks, give-­aways and more! This will be a night you won’t want to miss. This event is at no cost to you. If you plan on attending, please RSVP to [email protected] or mark that you’re coming on the VIP night event page.

Cellcom Package

Cellcom Package on Sale

Our package this year includes the Brooks Podium Long Sleeve, a next-­to-­ skin layer, and Brooks’s Essential 1/2 zip,a long sleeve that serves as a mid-layer piece for your cold weather running. In addition to these two, you also receive a $5 coupon to Run Away. The total retail value for this would be $100 and we’re selling it to you for $75. We’re cruising through them right now, so scoop yours up today!


Download the PDF version of the January Newsletter.

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