Please give us a brief introduction of yourself & your profession as an Occupational Health Nurse:

My name is Jennifer Aerts “Nurse Jen”. I have a Bachelor of Science from UWM, then studied at Duke University to become an Integrative Health Coach. After that, I became a board-certified nurse coach. I’ve been an Occupational Health Nurse at KI for 14 years.

Tell us about your position in your profession/organization and what you do:

I’m the on-site nurse. Some of the tasks I do weekly include leading the KI wellness team, health coaching, and CPR classes. I also lead the on-site gardens, do health consults, and more.

When and how did you first become involved in the running community?

My twin sister got me into running.  We started running races together in college and have together ever since.  I met my husband,Dean Aerts ( who is also a twin), at the start line of the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon.  He runs for Run Away Shoes and we’ve been married 6 years this August.

The start line of the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon. I’m with my sister (I’m in pink). My future husband, Dean, is in the front, in the white long sleeve.

What has been a highlight for you in your position/company since you have been involved? 

A highlight for me is the opportunity to make positive changes.  I enjoy working with a company whose foundation is wellness.

What has been a highlight for you being a runner or involved in the running community?

I really appreciate the local support of offering so many different races in the Green Bay area.

My sister and I running the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon

How has Run Away Shoes been involved with you? 

KI teamed up with Run Away Shoes starting 3 years ago and became KI’s sponsor for our Wellness Wednesday initiative.  They come on-site, to events, and have now become KI’s go-to company for running shoes and apparel.  Run Away Shoes also hosts KI family nights.  It has been a wonderful partnership that continues to grow

Wellness team picture at a KI family night at RunAway Shoes.  (I was 9 months prego with my 2nd babe)

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