Many questions I get from runners reference keeping hydrated. They want to know if they need to use anything and if they do, what to use, when to use it, and how much to consume. All great questions and awesome runners are acknowledging the importance of hydration and the impact it has on successful and enjoyable runs. However, now that the temperatures are starting to drop the questions about hydration seem to have diminished. Is it because of the change in the weather? Or is it because the sun’s heat isn’t showing signs of resources being lost making hydration seem less important? Perhaps it’s a little of both. Regardless the truth is winter is coming, will your body be prepared?

Now I know what you’re thinking, “You want me to consider hydration when it’s winter? Nate, have you gone mad?!” Answer: No, No I haven’t. I’m just mad serious about hydration! Here are some friendly reminders why hydration should still be on your mind when you start seeing your breath!

  • Your body actually burns more resources when it’s cold to stay warm, requiring a higher need to replenish key resources
  • With cooler temperatures it’s easy to not feel thirsty making it easier for dehydration to occur. (Think how much easier it is to want to drink something when the scorching heat is upon you, it’s more natural to want something)
  • Cold air effects the way you breath causing a greater loss in respiratory fluids
  • Layer efficiently

If you layer efficiently you will have less bulk and you won’t overheat. In turn this will allow for a more consistent water intake

  • Sweat evaporates quicker in cold dry air giving that false perception that if you’re not actually seeing the sweat you don’t need to hydrate

Although just a few reasons to keep hydration going in winter, these should give you one more piece of arsenal to beat old man winter!

What are some of your running tips and tricks to surviving the winter months?

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