Run Away Shoes Loyalty Rewards Program

Receive $20 back to spend at Run Away Shoes for every $200 you spend!*

  • FREE to join!

  • There is no time frame for you to earn your points!

  • No card to carry!

  • Valid on all purchases, including discounted items!

  • Receive special rewards when you meet certain purchasing tiers and other surprises throughout the year!

*The total dollars spent before tax goes towards your rewards.

How do I join the Loyalty Rewards Program?

The next time you stop into any of our three Run Away Shoes locations, simply let any Run Away Shoes staff member know you are interested in joining the Loyalty Rewards Program. Then all we need for you to do is provide your full name and valid cell phone. You will receive an activation text. Complete the steps provided in the activation text and you’ll be officially signed up!

I shop at more than one of your stores, will my points be on multiple accounts?

Our new POS system works in a cloud that syncs between all three of our stores. For example, what you purchase at our Appleton store we will be able to see at our Oshkosh store, and your points will be accumulated based on your purchases at any of our three stores.

Remember to mention you are a Loyalty Rewards Program Member with each of your purchases!

When will I receive my first reward?

After you activate your account, you will receive your first reward once you have met the $200 (before tax) spending mark for our Loyalty Rewards Program. After the transaction is complete that takes you to that mark, you will receive a text notifying you of your $20 in a rewards to use at any of our three Run Away Shoes locations on a future purchase. These rewards will expire after 120 days.

Every $200 spent moving forward you will receive another $20 back in a rewards voucher.

I never got an activation text.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions!

Terms and Conditions

  • Rewards may not be exchanged for cash.
  • Because rewards are not treated as cash, change will not be given.
  • If merchandise is returned and a refund is received, your rewards points will be reduced according to the refund amount.
  • Purchasing a gift card will not earn points.
  • Redeeming a gift card will apply to your points.
  • Individual accounts cannot be combined with other account purchases to increase point totals.

Redeeming Your Rewards:

  • Earned rewards may only be used on future purchases starting the next business day.
  • Your rewards vouchers may not be used towards future rewards.
  • Your rewards expire 120 days after you receive your voucher.
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