Winter running can be really tough.  Icy sidewalks, howling winds, and sub-freezing temperatures lend little to an enjoyable jaunt through the neighborhood.  The ugly truth is that winter is inevitable and will stick around like an annoying relative.  As runners, we have no choice but to tackle it head on.  Dressing in multiple layers can be a drag, and nobody likes returning home with a cold, wet base layer.  It’s enough to make even the toughest person question going outside for even the shortest run.

Someone more famous than me once said, “The best defense is a good offense.”  Mizuno believes this to be true and is proud to offer Breath Thermo apparel and accessories.  Breath Thermo is an innovative apparel technology that actually warms up as you sweat, allowing a runner to wear fewer garments and stay toasty warm on even the coldest winter run.  All garments that feature Breath Thermo are supremely lightweight and guaranteed to make a cold-weather run a more enjoyable experience.  Even better, the warming action isn’t a treatment, which means the benefits will continue to last season after season.

There are three main functions of Breath Thermo:

  1. WARM – Breath Thermo fibers capture body vapor molecules, which constantly evaporate from the body. Once captured, the micro-oscillation of the vapor molecules turns into thermal energy generating heat. Breath Thermo fibers can capture more vapor molecules than wool or polyester, which is why Breath Thermo can keep you warmer.


  1. DRY – High absorbency keeps excess moisture away from the body, and comfortable. Breath Thermo quickly dries off absorbed moisture, which prevents feeling cold after sweating.


  1. DEODORANT – Breath Thermo helps deodorizing by absorbing and prevents causing the three main factors (ammonia, acetic acid, and isovaleric acid) of body odor.
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