I have been running for 26 years, some at a high level, but mostly for fun.  Whenever I am cleaning up my basement or drawers I run into all of these old and fond memories of my running past. Take time to remember a few past memories that have made you the runner you are today. Do you have a pair of shorts, A race tee, a medal or a bib that helps bring that memory back to life?  Here is a classic for me and I have put them into full retirement.
This is the bottom to the famous Nike singlets of the Verona Area High School Cross Country and Track Teams. These were only brought out on special occasions and you had earn them.  I wore them for a few occasions; state meets or sectional meets… but most importantly these shorts were mine for the ’99 state track and field championships where my team won the overall title and it is a weekend I will never forget.
What is your favorite piece of running apparel? Why?
– Ross
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