Myles Dannhausen Jr. is a Writer and Content Editor for Peninsula Publishing and Distribution. He also works in marketing & logistics for Door County company Peninsula Pacers.

“My first 5k, the Nicolet Bay 5k at the DC Half Marathon in 2008”

Tell us about your position in your profession and what you do:

I handle a little bit of everything for our organization. This includes PR and marketing to event execution and customer service. It’s an awesome gig that has you doing something different every day.

When and how did you first become involved in the Door County running community?

I got involved with silent sports when Dave Eliot, co-founder of the Door County Half Marathon, roped me into helping with PR for the race when it started 12 years ago. ‘Runner’ was not a title I held at the time and never thought it would be. It felt like an obligation to participate in the 5k the first year since my boss was organizing it. However, I got hooked on it. Hooked on competing for a better time, and being part of something new and challenging. Mostly, being part of the running community.

Door County Kids Triathlon

What has been a highlight for you in your position/organization since you have been involved?

I love everything about the Half Marathon. For example, I get to spend a week setting up in Peninsula State Park. It is a beautiful place to call your office for a few days. The impact it has on the economy in my hometown and the money it puts in my friends’ pockets is motivating. It is great to see the community rally around the event. More than anything I love being at the finish line and watching people accomplish something they didn’t think they could do just a few months earlier. Or seeing people using our event to help get through something. For example, a bad breakup, the loss of a loved one, battling cancer or running for a cause. It gets to me every year.

How has Run Away Shoes been involved with you and your organization?

Run Away Shoes has been an important partner with the half marathon from day one. Ross has been one of our greatest ambassadors, spreading the word about the event. He helps in all kinds of ways from setting up a booth on race weekend, to answering runner questions, to printing shirts. It has been an invaluable partnership that has connected us to thousands of runners and made our event one as good as it is.

What is coming up for you? What do you want the community to be aware of within your organization?

In addition to our own events, our team helps out with many other events. These include the Hairpin Run in Fish Creek, the Door County Triathlon, the Fall 50. All of these events keep us busy, teach us more about running great events. It gets us out on the roads of Door County and in our community. This fall we’ll be hosting the Peninsula Century Fall Challenge bike ride in Sister Bay. Next is the Hey Hey 5k at Door County Brewing Co. in Baileys Harbor late September. It’s going to be a crazy fall!

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