We are Your Neighborhood Shoe Shop.

As your local shoe fitter, we strive to provide:

  • Relationships
  • Superior Knowledge
  • Problem Solving
  • Trusted Product
  • Individualized Service
  • and Wellness Resources


With over 70 charity events that we promote, sponsor and organize we pride ourselves on living in this closely connected and family orientated community.

Superior Knowledge

With a combined over 50 years of Shoe Fitting Experience… We make it right on a personal level. We continue to grow with the shoe industry and technology around us to pass our knowledge onto helping you make the best decision on your footwear.

Problem Solving

Many of our clients (neighbors) need help with plantar fasciitis, hip pain, knee pain, and general problem solving for shoes and feet problems.

We Care and Believe in our Customer’s Well Being!

Trusted Product

Our goal is to work with the professionals in the area to help our neighbors get the highest quality shoes from the best companies in the business. We carry running, walking and high quality training shoes.  In other words all of the best technical shoes for almost any normal walker, running, athlete and weekend warrior that needs to be fit for their activity.

Individualized Service

We are honest and hardworking people of the Oshkosh, Fox Valley, and Green Bay area.  We live, breath and die with the truth of how the shoes fit and our ability to help the person get the right shoe.  Our business only stays around because our customers value our time in which we spend getting the correct shoe and stand behind with our 30 day fit for that guarantee.

Wellness Resources

We are more than a shoe store. We continue to grow our connections in the community to share resources with you that contribute to your health and wellness.

Your Purchases Make A Difference

So whether you are walking around Disney, doing Cross Fit, jogging around the block or running a marathon come in and support your neighborhood shoe shop that backs up our shoes with service and expertise.

Every shoe matters in the local economy to help keep our running community strong and growing.  With your support of our stores and events we have been able to give over 70,000 dollars in charitable contributions.  During our work with over 70 running, jogging and walking events in one year for 12 years, we have learned that a strong neighborhood is based on good people with great ideas and pure of heart.

Together we can continue to make a better community through running, walking and exercise.

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