We believe that incorporating strength training into your regular running routine is important for improving performance and preventing injuries. It can be overwhelming to think of routines and exercises specific to your areas of need. Thankfully, there are resources available for runners with one of them being our Appleton store neighbors:  PUSH Personal Fitness. As a personal training studio with experience working with runners, you can count on them to help you find a strength training routine that’s best for you and your goals.

Below is a testimonial of a runner who is working with PUSH Personal Fitness to improve his running performance.

“I have been running regularly for the past 8 years.   I have generally run a few 5ks, a half-marathon or two each year, and a Tough Mudder a year.  The first 4-5 years I saw considerable improvements in my pace and times with just running.  However, the last 3 years I have plateaued.  Despite trying different mileages and training regimens I haven’t been able to improve my performance.

My wife has been training with PUSH Personal Fitness for roughly a year and this Christmas got me a gift certificate for training sessions.    I have now been training twice a week at PUSH Personal Fitness since early January.  After just two months of personal training with PUSH I have already seen huge gains.  Not only do I feel stronger, but also I have already seen improvements in my running times.

Comparing my training log times and paces, I am consistently quicker this year than previous years.   I have noted improvements in both strength and flexibility.  Derick and Vicky at PUSH have been able to tailor workouts to fit my goals and not interfere with my work or running schedule.   I am confident my running will continue to improve as I work further with PUSH Personal Fitness.” – Reid S.

If you’re in need of a boost to your running performance, contact PUSH Personal Fitness at 920-410-0805 and talk to one of their personal trainers about how they can help you improve your running performance.


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