Why Everyone Should Volunteer at a Race

Whether you’re racing every weekend or you’ve never signed up for one (or care to), becoming a race volunteer should be added to everyone’s to do list. This is why we think it’s a great idea:

  1. To Support Local Non-Profits. a majority of local races partner with local non-profits to raise money for their organization. These events cannot go on without volunteers, so as a volunteer you play a pivotal role in helping these charities raise money for their organization!


  1. To Support Others. Completing a race is no easy feat! What a happy way to spend a portion of your day in support of others pursuing their goals.

  1. To Be Inspired! Are you in the middle of a training cycle towards your big race? Or do you have another goal you are working towards? Seeing other’s achieve  their goals is sure to spur you on!

  1. To Gain Appreciation. A lot goes into orchestrating a successful event. When you have the opportunity to be behind the scenes as a volunteer helping make things happen, you’ll appreciate any future races you’ll run or other events you’ll attend.

  1. To Give Back. If you have been the recipient of the support of volunteers in the past, consider it your turn to give back.
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