Your Home Fitness Resource List

Your Home Fitness Resource List We are working on continually updating this list of home workouts that are being provided for free or at a reduced price provided by members of and organizations in our community and beyond! If you have a resource we can add to this...

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Meaningful Mementos

I have been running for 26 years, some at a high level, but mostly for fun.  Whenever I am cleaning up my basement or drawers I run into all of these old and fond memories of my running past. Take time to remember a few past memories that have made you the runner you...

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6 January Tips & Thoughts from Ross

I am starting over like many do this time of year. So far, we have been blessed with relatively good winter running weather. The temperature is normal and snow has been under 37 inches in a single weekend. So I implore you to get out the door and enjoy the chance to...

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Don’t Bite the Hand That Feeds You

The importance of crew in long-distance events by Jessica Rein Most endurance athletes will tell you that a major key to their success is their support system at home. Family, friends, co-workers and even strangers all have a big impact on the outcome of weeks and...

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Our Community Runs: Myles Dannhausen Jr

Please give us a brief Introduction of yourself & your profession/organization you are involved in: Myles Dannhausen Jr, Writer and Content Editor for Peninsula Publishing and Distribution and marketing & logistics for Peninsula Pacers (Door County Half...

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