Chicago, June 30th – July 1st, 2014

I had the privilege of attending The Running and Fitness Event for Women held in Chicago at Navy Pier this past summer. The heart of the event was to allow run specialty and fitness shops across the country connect with other shops, share ideas, and meet new vendors – all with a focus of women as consumers.


 My husband accompanied me to the windy city early Monday morning. We took the train from Kenosha into Chicago. If you haven’t taken the train to Chicago, I highly recommend it! After arriving, we merged with all of the Chicago foot traffic heading with work and made our way through the city to Navy Pier.


The first day was full of speaker sessions. I heard from 5 renowned speakers who were experts in everything style, retail, and reaching women. Each talk was enjoyable and compelling, which left me with pages and pages of notes and writer’s cramp!


The second day of the event began with a group run along the W Chicago Lakeshore with the opportunity to test products such as Nuun Hydration. After hearing from a morning speaker, and taking time to have open dialog with the other attendees about their businesses, the remainder of the afternoon was given to us to visit with 100+ vendors to see if their products would be a good fit to our stores. As a result of that time, Run Away Shoes has welcomed Nuun Hydration and Flip Belt into our stores. Most recently, we’ve added Pro-Tec athletic sports medicine products such as the Knee Patellar Tendon Strap, IT Band Compression Wrap and my personal favorite – the Orb Massage Ball!



We were thankful to have such an amazing event take place so close to us and look forward to to apply what we learned at this event to continue to serve our customers even better.

– Claire


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