After an overwhelming response to our ‘Top 10 Fox Valley Running Routes’ blog post, we’ve decided it’s only right to create the same list for the greater Green Bay area!

Whether you’re new to the sport, new to the area, or a seasoned Green Bay running veteran, hopefully you’ll find a new destination. Please post your thoughts, comments, and questions on the corresponding Facebook post! Without further ado, here are our Top 10 running routes in Green Bay in no particular order:

#1.) UWGB Campus: Home of the Green Bay Ultramarathon and the main course for UW-GB’s XC team. This trail is well-marked and primarily woodchips and dirt. The loop is five miles and rocks the house. It’s easiest to park right off Nicolet Drive.

#2.) Fox River Trail: Probably the most used trail in Green Bay. It runs along the Fox (shocking), and extends all the way south to Hilbert and north through downtown GB. It’s primarily paved, but there is packed gravel to each side of the trail.  The Green Bay Running Club starts their runs at Voyager Park in De Pere, but there is any number of options to get on the trail along the way. I prefer by Zesty’s so I can follow it up with custard.

#3.) Reforestation Camp: One of the most popular dirt trails in the GB area and home of the Stump Farm Trail Race. All of the loops are marked accordingly and can go up to 7.4 miles on their longest loop. Double track and single track options are available. Our first RAS trail run will be here on Tuesday at 6.  The parking is free here.

#4.)Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve: Not quite as technical of trails as Reforestation, but all packed dirt and marked accordingly. You will see the Saint Norbert College XC team out here at least once a week to workout because of the easy location and dirt trails. It’s located in Suamico, just a few minutes off of 41.

#5.) East River Trail: The East River trail is a paved trail that runs through De Pere and up into Green Bay. It’s a bit ‘bendier’ than the Fox River trail, so if you’re not looking to experience the out and back the Fox River trail can be, check out the East River Trail.

#6.) Mountain Bay Trail – Basically, a gravel version of the Fox River Trail. It’s an out and back trail that is crushed gravel, shady, and is marked every half mile. Perfect for those long tempo runs.  It runs all the way to Wausau, so you can park anyway along there. When we take the SNC athletes out there, we park here, right off of Lakeview Drive.

#7.) Bairds Creek: With some of the hardest hills on a trail in GB, this is a great location to get some hill work in, particularly their sledding hill (it’s awful. And by awful, I mean amazing). All the trails are packed dirt,  Easy parking here.

#8.) Neshota Park: Another park that has easily marked loops for skiers and runners, with close to 260 acres to run around. They have three different trail types from beginner to advanced, depending on the difficulty of the trail. All the trails are dirt or grass. Check out the park here.

#9.) Colburn Park: Home of a number of xc meets throughout the fall, Colburn serves as the home base for all sorts of schools in the GB area. Not as technical as the other trails on the list, but an excellent way to get onto some grass trails and get off the pavement. Parking available in a number of locations throughout the park.

#10.) Peninsula State Park: A little bit of a drive, but hands down some of the most beautiful scenery to run through in Northeast Wisconsin. Some good hills to vary it up and solid trails, both road and dirt, to run through, and a couple of entrances to get through. Just hit up 42 through Fish Creek and you’ll see the park.

That’s the list! At least how Green Bay’s Run Away Shoes sees it. We know however, that we’ve probably forgotten some extremely worthy runs that could challenge for top spots on the list! It’s for this reason that we ask you to respond via the comments section on Facebook with your favorite runs or those that we may have forgotten to include above!

Can’t get enough trail running in the Green Bay or Fox Valley area? Join us for the Run Away Shoes Trail Run Series in July and August! Check it out below and on Facebook!

Happy Running!

-The Run Away Guy


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