On Saturdays I always go up and do my long runs with the Prevea Program in De Pere. Today was a 14 mile day. This is the longest I have ever run! Until today the longest was 13.1. The run went great, it was a little bit of a hill workout with running Scrays Hill. Took a Gu at 8 miles and felt it kick in at about mile 11. Did get pelted with snow in the face for about 6 miles but it was fun. Still dealing with my achilies problem. It doesnt hurt anymore but I am still getting some swelling in the ankle. The weather was about 25 degrees and snow covered the Road. I did wear my New Balance Windproof tights and for the upper I wore my smartwool long sleeve with my mizuno Elixir windproof Jacket. Stayed warm through the whole run. 

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