One of our mottos is “We Fit For Life.” and it certainly clear that “Run” Away Shoes have done more than just run. Several of our staff members have found they love the different varieties of shoes we carry for more than just running and they have shared what they are doing in their footwear.

“I use my Hoka Cliftons for gardening because the thick sole is great when using a shovel.” – Rhea

“I’m not ready to get back into running but I have been walking at least 2x a week and Hoka Bondis are my go to walking shoe!” – Jodi

“The Brooks Caldera is my current favorite road/trail running shoe… here it’s helping me navigate the backyard as we gather and split wood for the winter.” – Chris

“I’m on my third pair of Saucony Switchback trail running shoes which I use exclusively for gardening. It’s like a garden glove for my feet.” – Claire

Check out this way to use cross country spikes at a Wisconsin Historical Fencing Association practice.

And of course… when running shoes become great mowing shoes!

When you have happier feet, it’s easier to do what you love.

Interested in a shoe you saw named but not available in our online shop? Call, stop in to your closest Run Away Shoes or send us a message and we are happy to discuss that shoe with you.

At Run Away Shoes, we do recommend that if you are on a regular running, walking, or workout regimen that you keep a pair or two rotating pairs exclusively for that activity. We are happy to give you our best footwear advice if there is another acivity your feet need fuel for…because We Know Shoes!

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