Our staff put together a list of our favorite places to run in the spring. We hope this inspires you to explore new places to run and enjoy watching the earth wake up as you run by.

Green Bay

Curated by Colin

Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve

Trail Map

“I like it because it’s flat, it’s well marked due to it being ski trails in the winter, and it’s big enough that I can get some good miles done on soft dirt with good footing.”

Bairds Creek

Trail Map

“Our most technical trails here in Green Bay, I would say. A bit more rugged overall trail, a little easier to get lost (in a good way), more ups and downs then Barkhausen has. So much fun.”


East River Trail

Trail Map

A simple paved trail. Isn’t as straight as the Fox River Trail is, which helps breaks it up. There’s a ton of feeder trails on to it, so you can get on all over the city. I have one that’s about a quarter-mile from my house. It does connect with the Fox River Trail by 172 or even farther downtown, so you can make some really long runs that combine these two trails. They’re both completely paved, but sometimes that’s kind of nice!

Iroquois Ave 

This is my hill repeat street. My athletes at SNC dreaded anytime I said it was an Iroquois Day. That’s how you knew it was good! You get a good incline from the bottom to Ducharme Lane, where you get a little tease of a flat, then you get some hard elevation from Ducharme to Martha Ave. Jog back to the bottom and repeat. Or, if you want a little longer repeat, turn right on Martha, easy jog over to Lazarre, down to Webster, and back up. Ah, hill repeats. Simply the best.

Fox Cities

Trestle Trail

“I run in Appleton on the trail along the river. The water is rushing and if you go along the Trestle Trail you could see eagles flying overhead which is breathtaking.” – Rhea

Bruce Purdy Nature Preserve

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“Running on a trail in the spring is refreshing. The dullness of winter leaving the area and the colors of the grass and flowers starting to poke through. It’s a renewal to the soul, freeing the mind.” – Michele

Tim added that a favorite spot that he likes to run is the Newberry Trail.

Newberry Trail


Sawyer Creek Trail

“ I like to run hill repeats at Garbage Hill in Oshkosh and then cool down on the Sawyer Creek Nature Trail when the daffodils are blooming.” – Claire

Wiouwash Trail

Trail Map

“Beautiful scenery!” – Erin

Menominee Park

All About Menominee Park

Run along Lake Winnebago and finish with a stroll through the zoo!


Daffodils blooming on Sawyer Creek Trail

What wonderful places would you add to this list? 

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