Here at Run Away Shoes, we know you are juggling a lot between school, work, and other daily responsibilities. You don’t need to add treating back pain or foot pain to your already extensive list of responsibilities. That is where we can help.

Whether you are walking across campus, running competitively on a team or for recreation, we can help you find the best pair of shoes for you! We are educated in basic biomechanics and are trained to analyze what we see happening with a person’s arches and ankles in order to find the right type of shoe. When you are in the right type of shoe with the correct amount of cushioning, stability, support, and structure, it significantly helps to prevent injury, and reduce pain!

Additionally, all high school and college students receive 10% off shoes when you shop at Run Away Shoes!

High School and College Track and Cross Country


We’re avid fans of both cross country and track, with several of our employees having experienced participating as well! We truly have an interest in helping area teams succeed and in keeping you healthy and strong so that you can run  and perform at your best!


As the Cross Country and Track & Field seasons approach, we carry a wide variety of the top of the Cross Country and Track and Field spikes, as well as replaceable spikes and wrenches.


Interested in putting your new shoes in action? Check out our current events!
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