Surviving Treadmill Running

Treadmill running. To many, it is a banishment to the machine when the outdoor conditions are un-runable. Where a minute can feel like an hour. To some, it’s a safe and effective place to get a workout in while children are napping. It’s a place where you can binge watch your favorite TV shows without feeling guilty about it!

In December, we took a poll on Facebook about what people would like to know regarding goal setting, getting into shape, planning for future races, etc. and one of the comments we received was:

 “How do you make treadmill running bearable?”

Here are a few of our thoughts:

  1. Towel Trick – take a towel or a t-shirt and cover up the time so you do not find yourself watching the seconds tick away. Try not to peek!
  2. TV Time – If you have access to a TV near your treadmill, time your workout to align with your favorite television show or put in a movie for entertainment as you log your miles.
  3. Tune In – Create a new playlist, or download a new podcast that you save JUST for treadmill days!
  4. Talk to a Friend – If you have access to side-by-side treadmills, BRING a friend along!
  5. Try a Workout – Mix up your treadmill running by increasing the incline, or choosing a program that occasionally has you pick up the pace for a little bit. It will make your run a little more interesting!

We hope these tips help you to make treadmill running more bearable! Do you have a trick you’d like to share? Contact Us!

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